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LD-55U USB F.I.R. Heated Pad for Menstrual Cramps

LD-55U USB F.I.R. Heated Wrap is a new product for the own branding and manufacturing of MEC, which creates a new branding, LePad. Being continued with the advantages of EU-720, MEC has developed a new LePad product to ease menstrual cramps for ladies. In addition, LD-55U could be used in heat therapy for lower abdomen, warming up before and after exercise, or maintenance.

There are many advantages and utilities for the device of LD-55U USB F.I.R. Heated Wrap. USB power system makes users convenient to have different kinds of power supply sources. Wherever USB port is, and the power source is there. Thus, portable design provides soothing heat for menstrual-cramp pain wherever the users go.

Moreover, for the features of LD-55U, it’s thin enough and body-shaped. Users can wear directly under clothing and carry easily along with them. Ultra-thin design also conforms to users’ lower abdomen for discreet comfort wherever they go. To sum up, LD-55U is a good choice for heated wraps that provides soothing heat for 8 hours to make menstrual-cramp pain relief.

1 pc Main heated wrap, 1 pc USB extension power cord, 1 pc temperature controller with 3 level setting of temperature.
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